Jupiter Ace Emulators


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Jupiter Ace

Screenshots of Edward Patel's Jupiter Ace Emulators

Xace Snapshot
Half-size snapshot of Linux/Unix version - click on image to view full-size
Vace Snapshot
Full-size snapshot of Windows version
xace 0.5.0 snapshot
Half-size snapshot of my version (xace 0.5.0) with additional 'printer' and command-line options support. Run './xace -H' for (some) help. (In the emulator) 'load echoes' (a supplied .dic file) to use the 'printer'.
Snapshot showing part of xace 0.5.0 console output
Part of the console output from xace 0.5.0

xace 0.5.0 running on a Windows XP desktop within the Cygwin Linux-like environment, displaying via Cygwin's X Server - the xterm used to launch xace is shown on the right. One showing the output from './xace.exe -H' is below.
NB: The Windows or Linux display needs to be 16-bit colour!

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