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NC200 Screen Dump

Above is an old screendump from my NC200 - colour approximates that of the original, but without the "yellowness" of the LCD background. That machine, whilst not quite dead, is stuck in a "permanent reset loop" and thus of little use any more. However I've recently begun to evaluate Russell Marks' emulator(s) and successfully transferred some of the software below into the NC200 version. More details can be found here.

NC200 Emulator
Front screen of NC200 emulator.

NC200 Emulator
NC200 emulator running AECDPPNC.

Some software - N/B: mainly experimental!
[Shift/Click Left (in Netscape) to download!]
Once you have transferred the ASCii files to the NC200 via a floppy disk, to load
the program do this:
  • Press [Function][B] to enter BBC Basic,
  • Type *EXEC PROGRAM.ASC to run a program
    (replacing "PROGRAM" with the appropriate name).
TERMINAL.ASC Logging Terminal
LOGGER.ASC (Faster?) Logging Terminal
BUFFTERM.ASC Buffered Logging Terminal
BUFFLOG.ASC Another (faster?) Buffered Logging Terminal
MDFT.ASC Menu Driven File Transfer program
RXFILE.ASC Receive File
SPLIT.ASC Split a file into smaller chunks (for transfer)
AECDPPNC.ASC Aid to Electronic Circuit Design Program Package (AECDPP)
[BBC/NC200 BASIC version]
UA723LV.MEM Spreadsheet for UA723LV Voltage Regulator Design

Prepared by F.T. Gowen
Last modified: 18th.. November, 2001