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/!\ This help is based on the layout of the MoinMoin modernized theme. If the modernized theme is not your current theme, the positions and labels of navigation controls may be slightly different. However, the functions of the individual controls will be the same.

Screen Layout

Page layout in modernized theme The screen layout contains the following parts (from top to bottom):

  1. Page header
  2. Navigation bar, a collection of tabs for quick links
  3. Dynamic message box
  4. Actions toolbar
  5. Canvas for page rendering
  6. Actions toolbar, same as part 4
  7. Page bottom

The first four parts are the most important and will be introduced below.

This part contains the following elements:

This part is a collection of tabs for quick links. By default, there are three tabs:

Besides the default tabs, you can also add your favourite pages to this bar by clicking Add Link on each page or editing Quick links list in your user preferences.

Dynamic Message Box

This box is displayed when there are messages. You can click Clear message to close it or it will be closed automatically when you move to another page.

Actions Toolbar

This part is the links for the most often used functions:

(!) This toolbar is duplicated at the page bottom for convenience.

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