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Exporting pages of this wiki

(See also HelpOnMoinCommand/ExportDump)

Originally I used the following (long) command from within the /media/Cruzer2Gb/moin-1.9.4/ directory:

python ./MoinMoin/script/moin.py --config-dir=/media/Cruzer2Gb/moin-1.9.4/ --wiki-url=localhost:8099 export dump --target-dir=/media/Cruzer2Gb/MoinMoinExport/

After changing my first Pi's hostname and moving the wiki to a larger usb flash drive (and from within the /media/DTmicro16Gb/moin-1.9.4/ directory) this became:

python ./MoinMoin/script/moin.py --config-dir=/media/DTmicro16Gb/moin-1.9.4/ --wiki-url=localhost:8099 export dump --target-dir=/media/DTmicro16Gb/MoinMoinExport/

After the move to raspiblue, using a new usb flash drive and now running moin-1.9.8 it's now become1:

python ./MoinMoin/script/moin.py --config-dir=/media/DTEGE916Gb/moin-1.9.8/ --wiki-url=192.168.aa.bb:pppp export dump --target-dir=/media/DTEGE916Gb/MoinMoinExport/

As of the summer of 2020 moved to a USB-to-SATA connected SSD usually associated with raspiP4B4b1:

pi@raspiP4B4b-32GbP:~ $ python ./MoinMoin/script/moin.py --config-dir=/media/pi/SPA55128GB/moinmoin1.9.10/moin-1.9.10/ --wiki-url=192.168.aa.bb:pppp export dump --target-dir=/media/pi/SPA55128GB/MoinMoinExport/

This exports all of the main wiki pages etc.

  1. Network address partially obfuscated (1 2)

2024-02-11 21:50