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Trevor's "Raspberry Pi" Wiki Export

The Wiki of which this is an "export" originally ran1 2 3 4 on the "B1/256Mb" Raspberry Pi pictured below. Some parts, "cleaned up", made an appearance on the elinux.org Raspberry Pi wiki. Those, and others, may also be referred to in posts on the Raspberry Pi Forum. The "export" forms the core of my "Raspberry Pi" webpages. NB: they are mainly notes for my own purposes, and not intended to be treated as "How To's" (but may provide some, limited, guidance). Some configuration information may be somewhat dated, having been superseded by other mechanisms provided in Raspbian's (Jessie) and, subsequently Raspberry PiOS (Buster, Bullseye etc.) GUI configuration tools5 and/or device-tree options etc.

NB: Raspberry PiOS no longer installs with the default user 'pi' !

For more details refer to this News Item : https://www.raspberrypi.com/news/raspberry-pi-bullseye-update-april-2022/

A Few (Ancient) Piccies (of Pi#1) ...




Things I'm trying out

Other Issues or Info.

GPIO Prototyping Boards Etc.

Example OS Screenshots Etc.

Portable Power Banks/Chargers

Generic Issues, not "Pi-specific"

prio1.png NB: Work in Progress!
prio2.png ~Two weeks after receipt (2012.11.01)
prio3.png Replacement received 2012.11.14
alert.png and again to a Model 'A' Pi (2013.05.10)

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  1. From September 2012 until July 2015 (1)

  2. Later on raspiP2BJamesA (2)

  3. Subsequently on this P4B (3)

  4. Currently on this P3B+ (4)

  5. Or, that for Raspbian Stretch (5)

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